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Part of my “thing” is sharing.  I love to turn people on to a great deal, a new product they will love, or connecting friends who I just know will hit it off, you get the idea.  I wanted to find a way to do that here, in the blog, so I hope you enjoy, here’s a few of my favorite things….

I met G Roslie and her lovely husband Ryan in 2011(ish) at the Santa Barbara farmers market when I was selling poultry for a local farmer. G & Ry are really great, funny & creative folks. JoeBacon and I actually have a lot in common with them: both men are creative and handy, both women are passionate and creative (albeit, in very different ways)….Anyhoo, I wanted to share G’s site with y’all. Her creations are simply inspiring, please take a few minutes to check them out & share if you feel inspired. Make sure you read the descriptions on the items, they’re really quite involved and fascinating.



I don’t know if life would be quite the same, had I not discovered The Pioneer Woman‘s blog back in 2008?  I really don’t. For me, she started it all. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it was one of the first blogs I ever read, and I was smitten. I’ll admit that we don’t have much in common (I’m not really sure that’s the right word? but I think you get the idea – and you should know her blog has grown/changed a lot over the years), and she uses a lot of ingredients in her recipes that I wouldn’t use, but I love her stories, and her ranching photos.  I love her “Confessions” posts, remodeling projects that she’s documented so well with funny vignettes and lots of great pictures, and – for any homeschooling families out there, she puts out some fun quizzes.

Online Shopping:
Y’all know I LOVE to get the BEST items for the the BEST price – I’m pretty serious about this. Just in groceries alone, I buy things from about 5-7 different places.  Here’s one of my favorites: Thrive Market You can find a lot of great prices on TONS of real foods, a few of my favorite things to buy here are: Vital Proteins Collagen & Gelatin, Barnana snacks, Jackson’s Honest Chips, Tin Star Brown Butter Ghee and avocado oil (to name a few). And, when folks join (it’s set up as a membership program, like Costco) they provide a 2nd membership for a family in need. Pretty cool, right?

Fav new product:
I’m sure you have gotten the memo by now that we are pretty darn crunchy granola over here….I don’t use a ton of personal care products from the store anymore, but there are a couple more natural items that I have sourced. Usually I learn about new products from other “Crunchy” bloggers, but this latest find I had NEVER heard a peep about prior to seeing it on my Instagram feed, when I clicked thru to the site & read all about it, I was intrigued because there are a few ingredients that I hadn’t heard of before in similar items, so I decided to give it a try & I gotta tell you its seriously great!  What is this amazing new find? Native Deodorant, friends – a small start up company using super clean ingredients and sending out  fun & cheeky thank you emails. I have to share:

If the product itself hadn’t won me over, that super fun email sure did! Other products that I’ve tried are very similar (as far as the components they use), but I’ve noticed that as soon as I get wet (which happens if your deo doesn’t have aluminum in it!) I start getting smelly asap. But with Native, even though I still get wet, I don’t smell!  Awesome. If you have tried other natural deodorants, please give this one a try, I really love it.

I don’t know if you’re into podcasts, but I sure am, in a BIG way!  I spend a lot of time either in the kitchen or in my car and I often find myself searching for the lil purple button so i can listen while I drive or work.  Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger, especially in preparation for creating this here blog (hey, if it’s not up to snuff, blame him!  lol only kidding! Darren is amazing and I can only hope I’ll eventually be able to listen to one his podcasts one day and feel like I’ve done even half of the things he advises!)  Anyhoo, the podcast I really wanted to share with you today is amazing and inspirational, specifically to me because of our current travel goals. Tricia from Keep Your Daydream does some great interviews with interesting people who are living their dreams – and there are so many diverse stories among them!  I URGE you to daydream, even just a little…

Well folks, there you have it, this week’s Featured Finds.  Any categories I should add? Love to hear what you think, and if you have any recommendations for us? And, please, if you try anything I’ve shared above, please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

This blog is full of links, the main purpose of them is to show you the items and brands that I use & trust (as well as share articles/other blogs/sites with y’all!), but you should know that some of them are affiliate links, meaning the company or site will pay us a teeny commission (it doesn’t change your price at all). ? We really appreciate your support in this small venture!


beans, beans… the magical fruit…..[recipe]

Do you like beans? (will you admit it?! 🙂 Come on, y’all know what I’m talkin’ about! Well, guess what? We don’t have any issues with that when I make them this way. Read on friends…

We like beans. Although, I don’t make them too often and I refuse to buy canned anymore because they are so much better tasting and more nutritious when you make them yourself, not to mention: FRUGAL! Beans get a bad rap, especially in the Paleo Community (on who’s fence we hover) and there have been times when we’ve cut them out of our diet completely, but that’s a story for another time. I’m not going to get into the the pros and cons here (but in case you are curious, here’s an article that explains the cons and here’s one that talks about the nutritious aspects of them). Clearly there’s two sides to every bean coin.

So, anyway…back to the beans! When we eat them, here’s what I do:

The night before I want to cook them, just before bed, I measure out 2 cups of dry organic beans, any kind you like (I usually have pinto, black or kidney beans on hand because I buy in bulk bags from Azure and I frequently will mix them all together, depending on what I’m making) and put them in your crock pot.

Rinse several times until the water runs off clearer and you don’t have lots of pieces and little weird floaty bits rinsing off.

Cover with twice as much good filtered water, a couple splashes of apple cider vinegar and place the cover on and go to bed, for heaven’s sake – don’t you know how important it is to get a good nights’ sleep!?!?!?!?

In the morning, drain off the water, rinse again once or twice. Add bone broth to cover (or half water & half bone broth) and a couple twigs of seaweed. I like dulse or wakame, but anything you have on hand (even Nori sheets) would work. Put the crock pot on low for 7-8 hours.

In the evening, test the beans to make sure they are cooked. I like to pull out a couple, and after they cool for 30 seconds or so, squish between your thumb and index finger.  It should squish but not be overly firm or too mushy.

When they are done, you can season with a couple teaspoons of unrefined sea salt.

At this point, unless I’m feeding a crowd, I usually pull out what were eating for dinner and while we eat, I let the rest cool and then I portion the cooked beans and enough of the cooking liquid to cover them in wide mouth pint and half pint jars – a variety of sizes is good, but just use whatever works best for your cooking habits.  Leave a good inch at the top to allow for expansion and once they are completely cool, put the metal lids on tight, label and freeze. You could use plastic, but there are some health concerns with that – if you do, please make sure the beans and liquid are completely cool before you portion out.

I love to have these on hand and then anytime I would normally reach for a can of beans, I don’t have to. Just have to thaw the night before in the fridge, or set in a bowl of tepid water for an hour or so, they might still be frozen in the center, but if you’re cooking them anyway, it totally works. Voila, recipe-ready, extra nutritious beans.

Have you ever tried this? If not, will you now? Any tips to share? I’d love to hear from you, please comment below.

a first post

Hey there!  Welcome to The Bacon’s Rebellion. Finally.

TODAY is THE DAY! We’re launching the blog today to celebrate: three days ago JoeBacon turned 47 and today is my 42nd birthday (or should I have said “the 20th anniversary of my 22nd birthday”? Honestly, I’m not sure which sounds worse! lol).

I guess you can say we’re officially in our 40’s now – JB was already old (tee hee), but I was just dabbling until now, right?! What are we doing for our birthdays, you might be asking?  Going to watch the new Star Wars movie and then hanging out at our favorite local pub (Brendan’s) – cuz they give us a free birthday meal, and we love hangin’ out there, they have Guinness and Magner’s on tap! What’s not to love? Come on by if you’re around!

Wow! What a crazy weird year it’s been! We’ve made a lot of decisions this year and have had a lot of fun getting to this point. At this stage in life, we still work [sorta] normal jobs and we still live in our home here in Southern California, but we’ve been starting to think that our future holds something different…something very different, something a little more “outta the box” than most people in our age group.

As these hopes and dreams start to take shape in our minds and hearts, we’re doing a lot of daydreaming and learning to let ourselves dream BIG. Dreaming of a life more “FREE”. Free from the daily grind, free from debt, free from home maintenance, free from Keeping up with the Jones’s, free from obligation, basically just free from the pressure to conform to what “normal” life looks like to most folks.

We’ve got some “other” ideas of what we want out of life now, which are pretty different from the ideas we had when we got together 10 years ago. So far, there’ve been a few baby steps towards these dreams already (and we’ll discuss them in this blog, of course), but there are many more steps to take and this blog (for now) is our outlet to discuss these steps, and the ideals behind them.

Anyhoo….JoeBacon & I are excited to share our journey with you!  We hope you’ll read along and dialogue with us here so we can all learn from each other.

-Erin  ….and JoeBacon….(and, yes you have to call him that)

P.S. Because it’s our birthday week – and because we believe in being a li’l bit cheeky – we’re gonna be bold and ask YOU for a gift.  You ready?  Here’s what we want you to do: support this blog. It’s simple. SHARE IT with your friends! Follow our social media: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, forward it to a friend that might be interested, tell yo mama to read it! And subscribe to our mailing list so you never miss a step. I can’t think of anything we’d appreciate more.(Unless you want to give us a million dollars.) 🙂